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Free Stuff on the Internet (FSI) is a new weekly feature at Pop Citizen.  Every Friday we will introduce you to a new piece of pop culture entertainment that is available for free on the internet.  We will cover a range of mediums, such as podcasts, web series, web comics, games, youtube channels, apps, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, what’s on tap this week? And by “we,” I mostly mean Jeremy (follow him on Twitter at @JeremyHellwig).

Comic books and graphic novels are great, but don’t they take up SO MUCH SPACE all the time?  This is especially annoying when you are in college, living in the dorms.  If you are like me, you end up lending them to friends just to save to save some space!  Then, since you have such great taste, and some of your friends aren’t particularly good at self control, they stay up reading the entire series instead of studying or sleeping.  It happened with Preacher and Y, as well as Bone and Blankets.

Sorry if that intro wasn’t particularly relatable.  I guess I should just come out and say that this week’s free thing on the internet is the always great JL8, written and drawn by Yale Stewart.

Issue number 1

JL8 is the ongoing story of the Justice League if all of its members were little kids that went the same daycare.  Since it is a webcomic, it doesn’t take up space!  However, when I shared it on facebook, apparently a bunch of my friends read the whole thing in one sitting… hence the rambly intro up above.

Originally, JL8 was called Little League, but that turned out to be registered trademark of Little League Baseball.  You can’t even say kids are playing little league in movies without getting sued.  Navigating potential legal obstacles is a big part of creating an unofficial DC superhero comic with a huge following.  In fact, Stewart recently had to explain to his Facebook fans that he could not sell t-shirts with the characters on them without facing potential prison time.  Since he cannot officially profit directly from his use of DC’s characters, some of his fans have opted to support him by purchasing his other comic, Gifted, which is on sale for “name your own price.”


While there are many running storylines, there have been some great standalone strips, such as the iconic Spiderman one above, as well as this one with Darkseid as their gym teacher, and this one with Mr and Mrs Kent.

So, if you like cuteness, or superheroes, or just good writing, set aside a couple hours and dive into JL8.  Do it sooner rather than later, since it’s only getting longer and better (new entries every Monday and Thursday) and it is hard not to stop once you start.


BONUS: This is a Marvel variation on the kid superheroes theme, by Skottie Young.

Baby Avengers

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