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Pretty Little Liars: A Deeper Look

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As you can probably tell from all of the media attention it gets,  Pretty Little Liars is a very famous TV show right now!  It is beloved, or at least tolerated, by woman and girls alike. It is based on 12 Books by Sara Shepard .  I will now attempt to answer the age old question: What makes this show so appealing?

For lovers of drama, both in the literary sense and as it pertains to melodramatic highschool bullshit, the history of four attractive and well educated girls that are possibly also murderers is probably right up your alley!  These girls (allegedly) killed Allison Dilaurentis (AKA “The Queen Bee”), and I think the audience is not sure if they did it or not.  Things get even darker when the mysterious person (or persons?) known only as “A” starts extorting the girls with their darkest secrets, desires and pains.  We are not sure who A is, but we know that he/she is close to the girls and plans on one of the girls (but ONLY one of them) discovering his/her identity.

For the sake of ratings (and not the fact that this happens on every show ever) the producers decided to spice things up with some emotions and romances.  Everybody knows that no girl wants to watch a show without some kissing action, so obviously the romances are pretty SPICY!!!  First, an English teacher named Mr. Fitz gets involved with a student named Aria.  Second, Emily may be a lesbian (scandalous!).  In the second season, Spencer starts a relationship with Toby.  Toby is one of the main suspects in the aforementioned murder, which, wait what?  I thought the girls were the suspects.  Anyway, fourth, popular girl Hanna and popular boy Sean see their relationship go through some turbulence when less popular boy Caleb hits the scene.  It’s some compelling stuff.

Sound amazing?  Well guess what, it’s way better than it sounds.  It just has to be.  I mean, it is being made by people, and they have to live with it, so there has to be more to it than this.  You will get sucked in, and you will love it so much that it will ruin your life and numb you to the boring realities of life among the unpretty big liars of real America.

We invite you to discover “Who is A???”

XOXO ——PLL21girls

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