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Twit Crit #2: The Streets

Jeremy Hellwig October 30, 2011 Music 4,529 Comments

Hey everyone.  Sorry it’s been awhile.  I’ve been doing a bunch of work creating Halloween content for the newly existing again music section.  I’ve also been watching the Cardinals beat everyone in baseball.  I’ve already explained this section a couple times, but I guess I’ll do it again: I review songs on twitter at @PopCitTwitCrit, then I post them here.  You can respond on twitter or by emailing twitcrit@popcitizen.com and assuming I ever figure out how to check that email, I might include your responses in this feature.  Also, you can suggest songs for me to review int he comments section or on twitter.  So, what songs did I tolerate and/or enjoy over the last couple weeks?

1.  Gym Class Heroes, “Stereo Hearts“:

Stereo Hearts by @GymClassHeroes – I hated this song immediately. It didn’t improve. #pctwitcrit

2.  Rihanna, “We Found Love“:

We Found Love – Pleasant dance track;@rihanna puts you in a trance. Too bad destined to be overplayed. I’ll hate it in a month. #pctwitcrit

(Since writing that Twit Crit, they released the music video for this song, and I’m slightly obsessed with it.  It’s a beautiful story of a failed relationship between two people having the time of their lives in spite of one another.  I don’t care that that guy looks like Chris Brown or understand how it is controversial.  I just like it.)

3.  Cobra Starship, “You Make Me Feel“:

You Make Me Feel @cobrastarship –Overly familiar but not bad song. Could have built to a bigger climax, bt enjoyable nonetheless.#pctwitcrit

4.  LMFAO, “Sexy and I Know It“:

Sexy & I Know It by @lmfao - if “Last Christmas” was this bad, Wham! would’ve been a one hit wonder. Just sayin. This is terrible.

(I heard this song in a bar the other day, and I guess it was a remix because I didn’t hate it.  That tricked me into relistening a minute ago, much to my regret.)

5.  Dev, “In the Dark“:

In the Dark - @DevisHot sounds like@Ke$hasuxx would if she was always yawning and worked with less talented producers. #pctwitcrit

(Apparently Ke$ha’s twitter is @Keshasuxx . I actually mentioned @Ke, which I think is an element.)

6.  Bruno Mars, It Will Rain“:

It Will Rain @BrunoMars - Overproduced. Acoustic and significantly shorter version would have been tolerable. Fitting of the Twilight OST.

7.  Adele, Someone Like You“:

Someone Like You – Generic but well sung by @OfficialAdele. Would be moving if I’m in the mood but not powerful enough to put me there.

8.  Coldplay, Paradise“:

Paradise- @coldplay think this song is much more dramatic and good than it is. It is neither. That was repetitive.

What did everyone else think?

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