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An Extraordinary Act of Literary Hubris: The Launch of

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Guys, we’re doing something awesome. Brash and quite possibly stupid, but awesome. Because every once in a very, very long while, enough brilliant people agree on the same idea and make it happen. This:



Movies are a big deal to you. Video games may not matter to you. And since the beginning of time, music has been a part of every single day of your life. These three things are some of the biggest elements of human culture, quite possibly the only things that can keep thousands of people enraptured for hours upon hours, all focused on one thing and enjoying the crap out of it. It’s how we tell stories, convey values and help kids understand the difference between right and wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the stuff pop culture is made from.

So. Pop culture. It’s popular. Like, probably the single most popular thing in the history of history. You talk about it. You reference your favorite movies. You mention Britney Spears, Darth Vader, Edward Cullen or Coldplay and everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about. It’s like they’re not just names, but little capsules filled with infinite pages of knowledge, character, love-it-or-hate-it’s and history. It’s the biggest inside joke of all time, and everyone’s a part of it.



Guys, I have no money. I just graduated college and I have my first job. And bills to pay. But that doesn’t matter. When my friend Logan McCamon and I discussed launching a website, competing with bigwigs like and with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars, we said screw it. We have no money, but we can do it better. Those guys make a living sucking up to the movie companies and giving them good reviews so they get early access and promotional material.

But you don’t read reviews just so you know whether or not you should watch a movie. That’s what that little number on the bottom of the page is for: If the movie looks cool and gets an 8 or above, or if it looks really really  cool and gets a 6 or above, you go watch it. But if that extraneous article above the review score is actually fun to read, then things get crazy. Like, the article actually tells you what’s worth talking about. Why did everyone and their mother absolutely have to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II? Why is Twilight so gosh darned appealing to little kids? What does that Fright Night remake have to do with anything? That’s what you really want to know. And then whether or not we think you should go see it.



Guys. Everyone you know has an interesting take on that movie you hate. Whether you agree or disagree, or whether Napoleon Dynamite is actually a good movie, almost everyone has something interesting to say. And probably something you never even thought about.

But some of us spend entirely to much time thinking of things you never thought about. Like, so much time that the words start spilling out of our skulls and we cannot physically restrain ourselves from writing about it. So we all got together. We agreed that, with all of our powers combined, we could pump out enough stuff onto a page, and get you, that eager Citizen of Pop Culture, coming back to hear more stuff about it every day. Because you don’t just want to learn stuff. You want to have gosh-dang fun reading about it.


So snoop around the site for a little bit and check out what we’ve got goin’ on. Understand we’re just getting started. Understand that we’ve got a lot to fix. But we’re doing everything we can to break down pop culture into a digestible form and shove it up your goshdang eyeballs.


P.S. If you have something to say about movies, music or videogames, GO register! Write now! We will publish your stuff if it’s good!

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